Full Moon And Half Moon Parties In Thailand

Posted By: Kimberly Juchnowski on Sep 26, 2009 in Attractions
Full Moon Party - Thailand

Thailand full moon parties are legendary among Thailand holiday goers. Taking place in Haad Rin Beach on Koh Phangan Island once a month, these parties offer revelers a chance to let lose and dance the night away under a carpet of stars. If the full moon happens to fall onto a holy Buddhist day, then the full moon party will be scheduled for the day after.

Full moon party facts:

According to legend, the first ever full moon party started as a spur of the moment thing by a group of 25-30 backpackers back in 1985. The idea was so successful that ever since then the party numbers have grown and today some 30,000 party-hungry dancers converge on the Haad Rin beach once a month.

On full moon night the atmosphere is awash with excitement as thousands come together for the same purpose. Street vendors sell everything from food to questionable energy drinks such as M150, Shark and Krating Daeng.

Parts of the area close the beach are usually roped off for sleeping purposes and the crowd of people surge together as one as they dance to the rhythmic beats of world famous Dj’s.

Full Moon PartyHow long does the full moon party last?

The party starts at dusk on the day of the full moon and lasts until the afternoon on the day after. You can dance the night away, make new friends, enjoy the impressive performance of Thai fire twirlers or simply sit back, relax and watch the spectacle from a distance.

The Dj’s mix up a range of music, you can dance to techno, house, trance, reggae, and drum and bass.

A fitting end to a Thailand holiday:

Attending a full moon party on Koh Phangan is a must for any self-respective backpacker and nomad. It’s a fitting end to a holiday, or could be the perfect start. It is a great way to experience the hospitality of the Thai people. Cheap hotels Ko Phagnan cater to the mainly budget-conscious crowd of attendees. If the noise of the pumping music is too much for you to bear you can book cheap hotels Ko Samui instead as Ko is not far away and might be better suited for people who love to party but then want peace and quiet to recover afterward.

Despite the fun, some warnings should be observed before attending a full moon party:

There is a serious side to partying your night away under the stars on full moon night on a Thai beach. The most important is to keep in mind that broken glass is a common sight on the beach, therefore you should always wear sturdy footwear.

Another thing to keep in mind is your safety and security. Keep your valuables safely locked in the hotel safe and never accept drinks or food from strangers. Drink, or food spiking and date rape can easily happen when thousands of people party in the same spot. This makes it very hard to control thieves and other unsavory characters. Also, keep your hands off drugs since Thailand has strict laws in relation to them.

Full moon party dates 2009/2010:

Full Moon Party - Koh PhanganOctober 4th, November 2nd, December 2nd, December 25th (Xmas Party date), December 31st, January 30th, March 1st, March 20th, April 28th, May 29th, June 26th, July 28th, August 25th, September 23rd, October 23rd, Novermber 21st, December 21st, December 25th (Xmas Party Date), December 31st

Thailand half moon festival:

The half moon party or half moon festival takes place at the same spot as the full moon party, on beautiful Koh Phangan Island. Dj’s serve up an eclectic mix of tribal house and trance and the whole setup is similar, if not the same as at the full moon party.

As a matter of fact you could just become a full time party resident and dance until the cows come home. Half moon parties are hosted usually one week after or one week before the big sister; the full moon party.

Kimberly Juchnowski

Kimberly Juchnowski is a free spirited travel junkie who is notorious for getting into bizarre predicaments. Being swallowed by bramble bushes in the jungle, and week long escapades hanging out with elephants and tigers are just part of her everyday life. If you're looking for a truly adventurous travel experience be sure to follow her on twitter @tikitravel and visit this site often.

Discussion - 5 Comments

  • Rob Sep 28, 2009 

    Looking good around here Kim! Keep up the good word.


  • kangarool Apr 16, 2010 

    Hi, thanks for your article. Just a quick question hopefully you can help with: I am travelling with my young famiy and are NOT interested in the Full Moon Party… our travel date available for Koh Phangan are for arrival 2 days after the June FMP. Do the parties last much after the actual (FM) event? We would like to look at this new part of Thailand we’ve never visited, but not interested if the party continues for days (and nights) after the Full Moon. Any advice you can provide would be appreciated… thanks/kanga

  • Kimberly Juchnowski Apr 20, 2010 

    It’s great that you’re exploring a new area with your family! I always try to do something totally new each time I go.

    The main thing I would tell you to worry about is the accommodation. During the full and half moon parties, almost all resorts and guesthouses require you to book at least five nights prior to the party date. Beacause of this, once the party is over people are usually ready to move on to their next destination pretty quick since they’ve already spent a week on the island. However, you should make sure there is availability before you head out that way. Looking at the availablitly will also give you a good idea of wether or not the majority of the party goers have moved on. Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of beautifull beaches along other parts of the coastline. Even around FMP dates there are tons of great beaches to stay at that are much more laid back, for those who don’t want to be in the heart of the party everyday. Staying away from Haad Rin is your best bet. Any hard core party lingerers will likely stick to that area.

    Hope this helps:) Happy travels!

  • tim Sep 13, 2012 

    Hi . I’ve never been to Thailand and would love to go to full moon party but is there anywhere u would recommend to stay that’s close to party area but not so loud u can never sleep. Is the party in or at a specific beach town? I’m going at xmas.

  • Kimberly Juchnowski Sep 20, 2012 

    Hi there Tim,

    The Full Moon party is held at Haad Rin beach on the Southern tip of the island. If you want to stay somewhat close to the party area but far enough away to get a good night’s sleep and some peace and relaxation during the day I would recommend staying at the Phangan Beach Resort (http://www.phanganbeachresort.com/welcome) located at Baan Tai beach, which is a couple beaches up the West Coast from the party spot. It’s a great location, nice bungalows right on the beach and the owners are great.

    If you book there be sure to let them know Tikikiki.com sent you there way!

    Have fun!

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