Every wedding has to be followed by a romantic getaway.

Whether you have conservative ideas about marriage or not, this is the rule that most, if not all, should adhere to. This is because the time used during the honeymoon is spent strengthening the bond between husband and wife so that they become a strong, single unit that could weather any emotional storm that may come their way. What better way to do this, then to go on an all inclusive honeymoon to Thailand, where experiences are bound to give a new sense of life to you?

With the amount of activities that are available in Thailand, sorting through the choices would take weeks at best just to come up with a short list of things to do during this bonding experience. This is where the all inclusive honeymoon packages come in.

Looking through the Internet, one can see different package options that have been placed together, each one made with a different value in mind. Values such as length of stay, number of flights and, what most people look at, budget. With the number of packages available, there is definitely one package that would fit any person’s taste and frame of mind.

A lot of mystery and history is wrapped around the country of Thailand. Although it was recognized as a Newly Industrialized Country (NIC) fairly recently, it is also known that it just dropped changed its form of governance. Absolute monarchy was its previous government, and everyone knows that the land of kings and queens always holds a romantic appeal, perfect for those going on all inclusive honeymoon vacation packages.

Most people are unable to resist the charm of animals, and Thailand is rich with these. One animal to be seen in Thailand is the elephant, and the country has done what it can to preserve these great beasts. A visit to one of the elephant farms, and a ride on one of the tamer animals would surely complete a vacation that just started.

Known for its religion, Thailand is also home to numerous churches and temples. Among these is the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, which is one of the important temples located in the northern portion of the country. The temple has a breathtaking view of the city, standing over 1500 meters above the sea.  Newlyweds are also encouraged to visit the resident Buddhist monks, who would be more than willing to bless the union of the couple.

Food is an essential part of every vacation, and it is no less important during a honeymoon. Thai food is well known for its spices, but the taste experience doesn’t end there. The country has four major regions, and each region has a different taste preference. Though all four are taken as a single cuisine, the mixture of the regional preferences are sure to come up with a totally new taste that would appeal to every single person. Add to that the Manohra, a barge converted into a floating restaurant, and dining would be transformed into such an experience that the word “enjoyable” would not be sufficient enough to describe it.

Towards the end of your honeymoon adventure, you would surely want to get a relaxing massage, and Thailand would definitely be the best place to find that. Thai massage is one of the oldest medical traditions in the world, and it is now becoming recognized worldwide. A cross between a massage and an exercise, Thai massage does not use oils, although the option will always be available.

At Pimalai Resort and Spa, the couple would be asked to lie on the floor, then their bodies will be put through their paces as the masseuses would push, rub, stretch and pull on your bodies in order to bring the muscles back to life.  It would definitely be a tiring event.  In the end though, you would leave feeling invigorated and ready to go through another few days of adventure.

After a week spent on activities, there is no better way to cool off than to get some memorabilia and maybe some souvenirs for friends. A day spent at Bangkok would definitely solve this, allowing you to stroll through malls and marketplaces and just take in the lifestyle and scenery. A perfect way to end a honeymoon and begin a new life.

Thailand may be a lot of things, but it definitely is a spot to visit when starting out on a new phase in one’s life. The new experiences would surely excite, and the memories would be something to bring home and hold on to. When the life starts in Thailand, after 50 years, both would want to come back, retrace their steps while holding the hand of the person they walked with half a century before.  This is the magic of Thailand.